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April 29, 2013

Baby Swipe Technique

This has nothing to do with grabbing babies from prams.

I first tried this technique using darker colours and it was disastrous!  But then I tried it in soft colours:  Bashful Blue and Certainly Celery.

  • Fold a baby wipe into thirds and then thirds the other way.  Then fold the square in half.  This final fold is your swiping edge and should be about the width of your fingertips.
  • Squeeze a drop of ink onto the fold, alternating with another colour:  I did three drops of Certainly Celery and three of Bashful Blue.  You'll end up with a line of ink drops.
  • Swipe this across your glossy card, keeping your fingertips close to the edge, to give it firmness.  It helps to put a post it note under the card to create a 'handle'.
  • Move your swiper along to create the next lot of stripes.  Once your whole card is full, turn the piece at right angles to swipe in the other direction, creating a soft blanket effect.
My technique improved with a few tries and I am sure I could now return to the darker colours and get a great result.  (I am now an experienced swiper.)
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